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  1. hey everyone

    at the moment, im totally yearing and desperately need an evening bag! clutch, wristlet or something!!!

    i was looking at a coach chenille pleated clutch 3584 on eBay.... but i have no idea about fakes etc...... can someone help me?

    can anyone suggest a really nice clutch or wristlet for me???

    I was going to get an LV pochette Epi, but i'm totally kidding myself if i can afford it! :cry:

    geez, and once again i hope ive put this in the correct thread! :weird:
  2. Can you post the link to the Coach auction? Have you looked on eBay for a slightly used Epi pochette that you might be able to afford? I think it would make a great evening bag :biggrin:
  3. i just ordered a really nice BV cosmetic case that can go as a clutch from NAP. it's about $270. it's black with gold zipper. size is 7 by 4 by 3. go check it out. i would post the link, but it brings you back to the storefront.


    this is the link ^^^ sorry about that...

    yeah ayla has been trying to help me find a used LV pochette but i don't seem to be having any luck eg/ i miss out on bidding, or its a fake or im just too darn slow at check emails etc... BUT i'm totally dying to get an evening bag, i looked a tad retarded in the weekend with my pockets stuff with stuff!!!! :shame:
  5. fayden is there a website????
  6. I think this is realllllly cute!

    and at $118 it's affordable! :smile:

    OH, and this little red marc by marc jabobs coin purse is SO CUTE! ( maybe a liiitle small, but it would be functional)

    and it's on sale for only $44!!!
  7. She said NAP -
    that's a cute BV she posted huh!?
  8. Here are some options I've taken from
    Lauren Merkin - was originally $245 - on sale for $122.99
    Not Rational - originally $208 - on sale for $98.99
    Hype - originally $95 - on sale for $49.99
    Maxx New York - originally $325 - on sale for $165.99
  9. cheers fayden
  10. :amuse:

    thanks heaps, kat i'll go have a look right after NAP!
  11. lauren merkin clutches are awesome, come in a variety of colors, and top out at about $200 for regular leather. try to see all the styles.
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