Yearning for a vernis piece in amarante

  1. Hi new to this forum and glad to be part. For years I always wanted a vernis piece but never bought one. Thought the amarante is a nice colour. Anyway, went down vuitton today hoping to get the roxbury or rosewood or summit drive -- and no stocks of this gives me more time to think...May have been asked before but which of the abv piece is a nice addition to my current collection? roxbury, rosewood or summit drive. Current bag:angel: collection attached ---
    LV Bags.jpg Coach Bags.jpg
  2. I just got the Brentwood tonight and love it! But from your choices, I'd go with the Rosewood.

    I LOVE your Cabby and CB Papillon by the way!!
  3. I say Rosewood too although, yes Rebecca's Brentwood is TDF.
  4. Thanks...I was thinking of the rosewood too cos it is practical but the roxbury can bring me into the night....

    yes, amarante colour is pretty regardless and that brentwood of rebecca's is breathtaking
  5. i have the rosewood and it's perfect, great practical size!! love your collection!
  6. Vote for Summit and Brentwood Amarante, WOWWW nice collections :tup:
  7. Get the Summit! It was one of my top choices when we went to Vegas.
    They did not have it in Amarante, so I went with MC black Priscilla.
    I saw the Summit in Pomme and it is really a beautiful bag! Definitely still on my wishlist.
  8. Rosewood. I like it's shape better and definitley Amarante.
  9. ^^^ ITA. BTW I love your collection. Don't forget to post pictures when you get your new bag.;)