Yearly Purse Expenditures


Mar 9, 2006
Hi Everyone,
I was wondering how much each of you spend a year on your purses?

a) $1-$1,000
b) $1,001-$5,000
c) $5,001-$10,000
e) $20,000 and up

If you care to elaborate be my guest. This should prove to be an enjoyable thread with all the amazing ladies.
I don't think I have ever spent more than $300 total in a year. This year I have gone a little overboard (for me!) and I have three new bags totalling about $1,500. :smile: I will stop once I get the new Coach lunch tote with the bumblebee on it and an LV speedy!:nuts: Really, I will. Really. Unless....
Please kellybag, fess up yours!!!

I'm quite ashamed to admit mine this year has put me over the edge (I do relate it to the stress of 3 teens, however!) so I would say d...:unsure:
:shame:2006 has just started and I'm in B already. I think after my speedy purchase that will be it until 2007! *cough* unless you know there is something else cute out there!;)
For me I'd say a B, which includes me using my own money and my mom buying bags for me. Sometimes if she's feeling generous I get to borrow some of her lovely bags. When I go home in May I'm thinking about "borrowing" her Edith and Clandestine 24/7 ;)