Yearly Purse Expenditures

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I was wondering how much each of you spend a year on your purses?

    a) $1-$1,000
    b) $1,001-$5,000
    c) $5,001-$10,000
    e) $20,000 and up

    If you care to elaborate be my guest. This should prove to be an enjoyable thread with all the amazing ladies.
  2. I don't think I have ever spent more than $300 total in a year. This year I have gone a little overboard (for me!) and I have three new bags totalling about $1,500. :smile: I will stop once I get the new Coach lunch tote with the bumblebee on it and an LV speedy!:nuts: Really, I will. Really. Unless....
  3. D... That's all I care to count. :blink:
  4. I'm still in b territory...for now.
  5. I only in A territory...

    Hopefully this year I will expand to B!!
  6. Please kellybag, fess up yours!!!

    I'm quite ashamed to admit mine this year has put me over the edge (I do relate it to the stress of 3 teens, however!) so I would say d...:unsure:
  7. too much. b for me.
  8. :shame:2006 has just started and I'm in B already. I think after my speedy purchase that will be it until 2007! *cough* unless you know there is something else cute out there!;)
  9. This year I'm already in the "D" category and it's only April ... YIKES!
  10. Most years I am a B but I have a feeling 2006 is going to be a C year
  11. I'd say high B, low C...
  12. B so far. Damn you LV! LOL!
  13. "choke" I'm already in (d) and its only April!! I must stop visiting Paris so often. Everytime I come here, I go into bag-frenzy.
  14. Low B for me, but my mom and I buy my bags as a team, so that includes the money she chips in for me.

    Already up to about $1,200 this year...and there are a bunch of bags I still want...*sigh*
  15. For me I'd say a B, which includes me using my own money and my mom buying bags for me. Sometimes if she's feeling generous I get to borrow some of her lovely bags. When I go home in May I'm thinking about "borrowing" her Edith and Clandestine 24/7 ;)