year-round starter coach--the carlys vs. hamptons

  1. wow, my first post.. this place is so addicting :smile: can you girls help me out?...
    my bf is treating me to a coach bag for our 1yr :yahoo:next week, and i truly can't decide which one to get! this will be my first bag from coach, and i'm looking for something that can be worn year round. i'm small myself --5'2''-- so i need a small bag :smile: ,one that'll be good for going out AND regular day to day stuff. i don't want something that's difficult to handle or a nuisance, as i'm a minimalist. i tend not to carry a lot of stuff with me--i have a big optic signature wristlet, and that's worked out really well.

    these are the ones i'm looking at:
    1. Hamptons Signature Performated Small Hobo brass/khaki/camel (all brown one)

    2. the new Carly Sig Cotton Demi ... in brass/brown

    OR, 3. Carly Sig Demi.... in brass/khaki

    do you guys think that the new carly cotton demi will be easy to dirty (since it's white)?? that's whats making me hesitate on that one... it'll be good for spring, but with the white fabric what about winter & on? the hamptons hobo--i like but practical for day to day? carly sig demi seems like the "safe" choice but i dunno! :shrugs:

    all your opinions are much appreciated!
  2. I think if you want a year round bag that will really hold up well, always go for the leather. that hamptons bag is great, the pebbled leather is so soft!

    the other two are very cute too, but the cotton is definitely summery, and you seem to want a bag that will hold up really well, the signature on the carly is tough, but leather on the hamptons is the toughest.

    good luck!

  3. I do know that the bags are treated to be water stain resistant

    if that helps in your decision All three are gorgous and I can't say which one I would choose you have some good choices there!
  4. I'm gonna say for year round go for the Carly demi in khaki/saddle. I have the khaki/saddle one and I love it. It holds a lot too!
  5. It might depend where you live too - It may be just becasue I'm in the Northeast but I think the cotton canvas would look odd in the winter months...but if you are in a part of the country that stays mild during the winter it probably wouldn't.
  6. I'm in the Northeast too and I feel the same way about the cotton Carly. I love it, but it seems impractical for me to buy it if it can only be used for a short amount of time.

  7. I agree with Lauren!!! Congrats on your first Coach. We might be witnessing the start of an obssesion!!! :yahoo:
  8. I'm gonna say #1.
  9. #3. Hip, Now, and year round!
  10. #3
  11. thanks all for your opinions! i live in the northeast too (NJ), and what you've said about the cotton demi makes a whole lot of sense, so it's now the hobo or sig demi. hamptons-so thin and chic. carly demi-so practical with a cute shape. still. so. torn.!!
    does anyone personally own the hamptons hobo? i'd love to hear pros/cons, etc.
    think i will have luck getting either one at the macys FF event?
  12. I don't own either bag, but I can tell you some pros cons that I see. The Carly will be much easier to get in and out of on a daily basis no matter what situation you are in. I also believe it will hold more. I think that it will also stand up where the other one looks like it would not. I don't know if that is important to you, but it is to me. I always think about bags in the car and if I need to reach over to get something out of it, how easy is it to do that. To me the Carly makes more sense. Congrats on such a sweet gift from your boyfriend!
  13. What part of Jersey are you from?

    I just want to add that the Carly will NOT stand up on its own. You'll have to rest it against something so that it stands semi-upright.
  14. That's a bummer, it looks like it would.
  15. Yeah I was a little dissapointed about that. I tried to stand it up on the table and also in the car and it just wasn't working out for me. It's still a great bag though, I love it to pieces.