Year Round Color information please

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  1. I'll be going to the new Bal store next week to get my first BBags.

    So far my choices are Sapphire and Marine.

    Are these colors good for the whole year?

    I'm also considering anthracite and black cherry as my 3rd & fourth BBag.

    Or should I hold off my purchases on #3 and 4 and wait for S/S 09?

    I'm not into really bright colors like magenta, red, turquoise, orange though.

    Thanks! :tup:
  2. I would think you could absolutely wear Sapphire and Marine all year, I know I would! Anthracite and BC are pretty too....not sure what S/S 09 has in store for us. I would say go and look and the one or ones that really jump out at you are the ones to buy.
  3. I'd use Sapphire and Marine year round. I don't change bags by the seasons or even the months. I change bags according to what I wear and what it matches.

    Anthracite and Black Cherry are lovely as well. If they speak to you and you'd love it, do buy it, especially if your budget is no object. If not, see what 2009 brings! Good luck and post pictures when you finally purchase it!
  4. oh yes i will. I'm so excited looking at everybody else's bbags and will definitely post pictures!

    I do hope they will have the ones i like in stock.

    good to know that sapphire & marine are year round colors. that way i can indulge in fall colored bags, or fall anything for that matter, which i love very much.
  5. Of course you can wear marine & saphire all year round!! Anthra & BC are also year round colors and they're beautiful. If you can, go for it!! you won't regret it, that'd do a super gorgeous collection! Good luck next week and don't get to crazy in the Bal store :nuts:
  6. yes i know. the suspense is killing me. who knows what that huge treasure chest awaits. i'm hoping for a black cherry in that yummy & rich wine-y color.
  7. Sapphire and Marine are definitely wearable all year round! Both are fabulous neutrals..I can't wait to see what you end up with!!:popcorn: