Year round color in Old Ball

  1. To all you fashion experts:

    I am ready to buy an old ball. Now that I have the bag style selected I am struggling with color choice.

    In your opinion: What colors work well year round? ( In the old ball the choices are really limited anyways. FYI,I have a BV in moro so I am down to Nero and Noce.)

    Oh by the way, I did learn that old ball was available for presale in limo. I called the SF store twice to confirm but did not get a callback. Anyone have info on this?

    WHAT DO YOU THINK? If I wait much longer I will loose my nerve to buy!!!!!

    Limo ( or is it lima), if it is even available?

    Thanks so much for your help......
  2. Is there one in ebano?
    If there is, I'd be more inclined to get opinion only.:flowers:
  3. My hesitation with ebano is that I already have the moro in a different style and I am wondering about duplication. As much as i would love to just collect the bags, I have to be really practical at this price.

    I do think the ebano is a great year round color. Rox, Am I being too practical?
  4. I would go with ebano or nero. :love: By the way, you can order around April from Saks with 20% off Family and Friends if it is still in stock. Last time I checked Saks still had them.

    I asked my BV SA about the old ball on sale and she checked and said it is listed in their sale sheet but all the colors on sale are sold out so it is a moot point and she is not sure why it is listed.

    Good luck shopping and let us know what you decide. :tup:
  5. What colors are/were on sale?
  6. IMHO, nero goes with everything all year long.
  7. I guess I jumped in too quickly on that one...just because I do prefer the style of the old ball in dark shades (instinctively). :shame:
    It would also be great to have a classic piece (old ball) in a classic shade (ebano).
    I think it will be I may be the one being too practical here :p

    Moro (which you currently have), and ebano are very similar but still have a slight diff. in shading.

    What style does your current BV in moro come in?
  8. I think if you already have a bag in moro, I would go for the limo, which, although it is light, is a great neutral that is different than brown. But, if you are hard on your bags and are nervous of the taupe/grey color of limo, go for the nero--black is great anytime, any bag. Of course, I love ebano on any bag, and if your bag in moro is different from the old ball bag, it won't be odd to have two chocolate brown really I'm not helping at all!
  9. ^ My thoughts exactly!! Choices in descending order:

    i) Limo
    ii) Nero
    iii) Ebano
  10. We are getting much CLOSER to a decision on my second BV. Whew! My husband and I finished negotiating ( tough negotiation, this alone has taken weeks)and I have agreed on a clothing and bag ban until 3/31/08, not an easy feat!

    I would actually go with limo, but I do not beleive there are any left. (ms. piggy, sound advice as always) I do wish I could find one though. The color sounds luscious.

    BOXERMOM, if you are out there, you have worked bv magic before and found the elusive bags!

    But given the odds of limo, I am probably going to go for the nero. I know it will be gorgeous and I can wear it with dressier clothes, unlike my Roma in moro.

    I will post once I order. You guys will be the first to know. Extra big :smile: