Year of the Dance.....

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  1. Today in SF Hermes the SA showed me a couple of scarves commemorating the Year of the Dance. One was brightly colored Spanish/Mexican dancers with gorgeous swirling skirts and the other was more subtly colored with some dancers off to the side who reminded me of the dancers in Cirque du Soleil AND Josephine Baker in Taupe then in Blue and then green. I bought the subtly colored one called "La Danse du Cosmos" in winter white, taupe, brown, grey.....gorgeous!

    Then I asked the SA what the lock was going to be and of course she shrugged :shrugs: and said with a wink, "Maybe a ballerina?"

    Do you think they know already but can't tell us?????
  2. shopmom, I think it was HG who posted that the cadena would be a dancing horse, like that on a merry-go-round.
  3. Oooh the scarves are in already?! Gotta check them out pronto! Post pis of your new scarf!
  4. Hmmm they are so coy. ;) Your scarf sounds lovely! Congrats!
  5. Can we see a photo of your new scarf?
  6. THAT'S RIGHT!!!!! And you know what? She'd know for sure! OK....a carousel's got to spin around or slide up and down on a pole....that would be very, very cute. Gotta get me one of those..........thanks, Mrss....forgot we already beat this horse into the ground (pardon my pun!)
  7. A pole dancing horse:confused1: ..................I don't think Hermes will go for that.:s

    MrsS, you were the one that found out it was a dancing horse. I just mentioned what next year's theme is going to be.
  8. goodness lol!!!!! -- let's keep out minds out of the gutters girls!! Us H girls have Class!! (and a bit 'o fun as well by the posts of today lol!):shame:
  9. I don't know.....I'd buy a pole-dancing horse to hang on my bag. The only other thing I can think of might be a ballerina with a skirt that twirls.'s the scarf. I loved it immediately.......:love:

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  10. Oh, that's lovely!
  11. Wow D, that is gorgeous!!! :yahoo:
  12. Very nice!
  13. Thank you, R & H.......I know it's kinda simple and the colors are sort of blahhh but it really brightened up my face and looked so fresh on. KWIM?

    It looks pretty with black and brown jackets and coats.....
  14. that scarf will match perfectly with an etoupe birkin or kelly.... all that lovely shades of taupe
  15. [​IMG]

    This scarf is gorgeous! I love the simple colours.