Year of Dance Cadenas - where is it??

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  1. Has anyone's boutique received the 2007 Year of Dance cadenas?? My SA had said end of February but its not there yet. Have any of you seen it, purchased it??
  2. Sus, I'm still waiting too.....same for the Lucky Bug although I know some boutiques already have that one.
  3. Still waiting too...My SA knows I'm chomping at the bit for it; when I spoke with her last week, still no sign.
  4. bought a cadena that has the pegasus on a kind of carousal i think.. the SA said it's a 2007 cadena.. i'm not sure though
  5. That's it Wafaya! Looks like the international outposts are getting it before the States. Hopefully that means that we're next!
  6. I love the networking here ladies!
  7. oooh do you have a pic???
  8. Wafaya, can you post a picture with it on your bag??
  9. they have it here in the uk but i have not seen it
  10. i think AMOUR has one....let me find the thread she started with it.....
  11. I thought this was it??? Maybe this is just a keychain but it was posted in another thread that it has year of the dance written on it in French.
  12. i was told here that it is a pegasus in a round carousal
  13. i think so because the SA told me that it was difficult to put on the kelly
  14. [​IMG]

    ^^^ that's pretty!