1. Hi, sorry for asking so many questions but i only have one Bbag that was passed on to me from a friend!

    How can you tell my looking at the sales tag or item code what year and collection (s/s) a bbag is? TIA!!! :yes:
  2. Yes. Go to and on the left-side navigation, choose A Whole Bunch of Silver Tags, and figure out which is yours. If you have trouble, post a photo of your tag, front and back, in the Authenticate This thread, and we'll look at it with you. Good luck!
  3. OK so what do you think of this? I passed along my work that I had inherited and bought a Men's black weekender.

    No silver tag. On bag of leather tag is a model number that is not on the list posted above.

    There is a serial number for weekenders and it says prior to 2004 no silver tag but the model number doesn't match the one listed and in fact is not listed at all? Also, the authentication card says 2006 1 (see below).

    This are the numbers on the back of my leather tag:


    The authentication card (?) just a white card with the numbers:

    2006 1 156541 D941Y 652

    Any insights? THanks I'm freaking out a little.

    Thanks again for all you patient help!