Yeahhhhhh! I'm am so excited i just have to share!

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  1. were you there just recently? i was there two weeks ago and i didn't see any tattersall or legacy scarves, otherwise i would've snatched those babies up.
  2. What is up with things being listed on the Coach site and at the outlets? I guess I will just check the outlets before I make a purchase. I'm so close to the fp store and so far from the outlets...ahh.
  3. I got a legacy variegated stripe in cashmere at my local outlet, nice find!
  4. thanks for sharing, this is really exciting news!! now we'll all go try and raid the outlets :-P
  5. Gorgeous scarfs. Love the Tattersalls in Cashmere. Great finds.

    pzold, I LOVE your avatar.
  6. wow, what great finds!
  7. omg! That is the teal cashmere scarf I've been wanting. You are so lucky. I guess I will continue to look for one on ebay.

    Congrats! on all of your lovely scarves.
  8. Congrats you got some great buys!! I wish I could find a scarf at my outlet.
  9. AWESOME PRICES!!! i have always eyed that cashmere scarf...i'm sure with spring coming they will be shipped to the outlets! congrats!
  10. I was there last weekend, and they had a stack of scarves on the bottom shelf in the back right corner of the store. Tags were marked in red to $99.99 with a 50% off sign for that section. You might want to call to see if the still have them; maybe they could hold one?
  11. thanks!!
    i won't be able to get out there for another week or two so i'll try my luck then.