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  1. I stopped in my TJMAXX today and wow they had beautiful bags. I had three really great bags in hand. There were tons of Italian designers that I thought were neat and a pretty yellow Michael Kors (sp?). I had to put back a really neat orange patent bag and a beautiful green leather (excellent feel to it) because I am limiting myself to one per trip. Boy It was stocked today. Oh and a beautiful pale yellow B. Markowski (sp?). If I only had more money....
  2. I'm always inspired by others' great finds at TJMaxx....someday I'll have this kind of luck.
  3. The TJM that's closest to me is a gold mine! If you take your time, you'd be amazed at what you can find there.
  4. I was in mine yesterday and they had tons of Cole Haan, Francesco Biasia, B Makowsky, Dooney & Bourke, Hype & Michael Kors. They also had a pretty Coach watch, Marc jacobs sunglasses and Coach key chains. This store isn't in the best area so I'm guessing most people aren't into paying for the name brands.
  5. Be careful though because you can get fakes at TJMaxx. No, of course TJM doesn't sell fakes but there are people who will go to the store, buy a real handbag then return a fake for a refund or credit for another one. The floor help aren't people who are trained to spot fakes and they will just stick it right out there with the other merchandise.
  6. I'm making a trip to TJM today specifically to see if I can find anything I like. I've yet to find one thing .... I don't know where the items come from but the buyer here has odd taste.
  7. i bet it's due to turn of the seasons, my TJs has been packed with new stuff too!

    and yey to a pale yellow B makowsky... i'd love to see that--
  8. They usually have their new shipping every Wednesday...;)
  9. mine is tuesday thursday saturday!
  10. I was surprised today...I found three Coach bags....none of which I was very thrilled with. They did have quite the array of Kathy van Zeeland bags that resulted in temporary blindness in myself and my daughter. :lol:
  11. I can't keep track of the days that they put out their new stuff, but our TJM has some surprisingly fabulous bags, i.e., Michael Kors, Stewart Weitzman, sometimes an Isabella Fiore, Hobo International, Cromia, Kenneth Cole New York, Francesca Biasia, Dooney, along with the usual Liz Claiborne and Stone Mountain. But my point is, at least the one near me has a pretty great selection of some neat bags. Always worth going in and taking a look-see!
  12. My TJ Maxx is awesome, too. Up in New Hampshire. Lots of Stuart Weitzman, Coach, Dooney (all the time!), Kate Spade, Michael Kors, etc... tons of good stuff! I also got my new Gucci sunnies there as well as some great coach wedges! LOVE LOVE LOVE TJ's and Marshalls...