Yeah so...this happened on my lunch

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  1. I went to Coach to scope out the Azure swagger and ended up buying these guys instead. That was an expensive salad.

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  2. Cute ❤️
  3. Yum! I would like that salad!


  4. Right...then I was forced to get a naughty sandwich since I was right by the yummy sub place. ha ha!
  5. Holy smokes!!!! What an amazing bag!! I love the stitching!
  6. Gather you wanted some more substance with that salad? :lol: Cute choices!
  7. Love that color blocking in the stitching and card case. The salad was worth it! Well done!
  8. That is a nice looking salad !!
  9. Love that matching set!

    Should have gotten some fries with that...... ;)
  10. Much "chewier" than a salad! Love your purchase. I'm between the Dahlia Swagger and this one..... I think you just made up my mind:smile:

  11. Oh that's a hard one. I eyed that Dahlia too, it's a stunning pink. I want them all!
  12. I want them all too:smile: Yours is supposed to be much lighter in weight than the Azure or Dahlia (I think they're soft pebbled, and the Saddle is glovetanned) - this is what a newish SA told me - and I was in too much of a rush to pick them up last I stopped by.

  13. My store only had the larger Dahlia and it was heavy. The saddle is glovetanned verses pebbled and I personally like the glovetanned a bit more. They are both beautiful though. I had it in my mind that this azure would be the color of windex and it to me was more of a bright robins egg, beautiful too. I really was torn between all of them. I also liked the new orange color in the nomad.
  14. Now that's a salad! Congrats on the matching set! Out of curiosity, did you like azure or dahlia better? I'm still torn between the two but haven't seen either in person yet.
  15. Beautiful swagger. Love the rainbow stitching!