Yeah my work for Thanksgiving is just about done :)

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  1. Stuffing is made, squash is done, beans are done.... ready to pop in the oven and warm up.

    All the nibbles are done, scones baked...ready to be put out.

    And the turkey is brining....

    Since the mashed potatoes are DHs job, all I have to do is pop in the turkey and make the gravy tomorrow!

    I hope everybodys day is great tomorrow and stress free!
  2. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Twinkle:flowers:
  3. Ohhhh lucky you. I have barely even begun. I still have to wash and do my hair on top of all of that:s I'm not stressing it though. It is Thanksgiving!!!


    Don't forget to take a moment to think about how much you have to be thankful for.
  4. bird is being put in the oven right now. My mashed potatos are in a box, my stuffing is in a box, my frozen pumpkin pie goes into the oven later...and my gravy is in a can. I am soooooooo bad!
    It's just me & hubby and we already celebrated CDN I'm not really into US thanksgiving this year.
  5. I'm about to jump on the baking and mashed potatoes. Then set the table.
  6. Going over my Grandma's house for Thanksgiving so not that much work for me. But, I did just make apple pie and apple muffins.