Yeah! Money is here!

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  1. OOh i love that !!
  2. 2nd picture is in natural light... she is SO soft! Like a ultra suede feel! Yummy...
  3. It's gorgeous. Many congrats,


  4. Very beautiful, congrats! I am waiting for my Storm Money that I ordered today.
  5. Thank ya all so much. I am in love. Finally put my LV Multi White International away for some rest after 5 yrs. ouch. But she still also looks fantastic. Will bring her out of retirement when using my Multi White Speedy now, maybe? So loving the money.
  6. beautiful!
  7. Congrats! It looks great.
  8. Very nice! The Money is my favourite wallet ... it's just perfect. Congrats!
  9. so beautiful... i absolutely love the colour!
  10. Wow, so pretty!!
    I just received my GGH black Money today ~ exciting!! :happydance:
  11. Gorgeous wallet!
  12. Oh my! It's so pretty...I need one. Congrats!
  13. She's absolutely gorgeous... :biggrin: Congrats!