yeah it's that game again....

  1. guess what i bought this afternoon from LV... :graucho:
  2. again? *faint*
  3. not again!
  4. wallet???
  5. No!!! Please don't do this!!!

    Ok, ok, ok....a wallet or cles? Vernis?
  6. Eeeks. I hate this gameeeee... LOL. Hmm is it an agenda?
  7. My guess is a Taiga wallet

    ...and totally off topic but I love Forbidden Fruits (the lollies) :amuse:
  8. Oh, I thought it's revealed already:sad: .....wallet? No? I'll be back:graucho:
  9. ^haha I know I looked at this couple times already.
  10. one of you got it right....

    more cluee...
  11. i think i know what it is ;)
  12. hahahaha.. shut up deluxee.. you know me too well.. hahahahaha....

    help me to make this more interesting :smile:
  13. oh what a tease!!!! lol
  14. OMG what is it?????
  15. Its a darn box.. and these kinda threads are getting old. I would like to express my sincere happiness for you and your purchase but how can I?

    So, I am happy for your purchase of a box, sleeper bag, and whatever the heck is inside.. Congrats and Enjoy:flowers: