Yeah, I know LV bans don't work in general...

  1. ...So why did I even try?

    Oh well.

    I do have my trip money all saved up though, *finally* :wlae:


    Not much suspense here, most of you probably know what it is anyway!


    vpk1.jpg vpk2.jpg
  2. eeee! i wanna know!!
  3. What did you get Karman?!?!?!
  4. It's a cles.... ?
  5. Oh, I want to see pics. I'm happy for you for having saved up money for your trip. I hope you will have a great time.
  6. cles?
  7. Oh you guys know I never make you wait too long...



    And the just started in January Vernis family...I need some marshmallow :graucho:
    And silver...and framboise...and bronze...and lavendar...and when it comes out, amarante :graucho:
    My goal is to have one small accessory in each of the vernis colours :nuts:

    vpk3.jpg vpk4.jpg vernisfam.jpg
  8. Very Lovely!!
  9. ooh Karman that is gorgeous well worth breaking the ban
  10. Karman, it is TDF :drool: I want one!! the peppermint and the pomme= LOVE!!
  11. the colors are so pretty!
  12. the peppermint is soooooooo cute!! love it!
  13. Love all the vernis! Congrats!
  14. haha love it! my lv ban is still working. mainly because i've practically forgotten all about lv. -_-
  15. Beautiful! What a fun collection :smile: I like that idea - both look great.