Yeah, I have her back!! REVEAL! It's a bright one!

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  1. Well.... A few months ago I purchased then sold a beautiful bag and have regretted it ever since. I have been searching and searching and yeah!! I have one again and never letting her go!!

    Presenting my Limited edition preloved in fabulous, pristine condition....
    Vernis Alma Rouge Grenadine PM SOOOOO Excited!! Pictures just don't do these beauties justice.:smile::smile:


    with sister, bleu lagoon;
  2. She's beautiful. Don't let her go again.
  3. Pretty!
  4. was the color seasonal?
  5. Wow...gorgeous!!! Congratulations...enjoy!

    Love the bleu lagoon, too! They look so pretty together!
  6. I'm so jealous!!! Any mod shots?
  7. Haha this is from the first rg I had!!
  8. I believe it was a limited edition from 2012 along with a gorgeous yellow and the bleu lagoon. The color is a coral pink with the glittery look to it I LOVE!;)
  9. She's darling. Glad you got her back!
  10. Sometimes you just don't know until it's gone...been there! I think you wear that color very well and I'm glad you found her again. Congrats!
  11. Beautiful! Congrats:smile:
  12. Congrats. I sold something and regret doing it also. I need a few items in bleu lagoon.
  13. Lovely! Congratulations!
  14. love the color!! :cloud9::heart:
  15. Beautiful :smile: This is actually my first time seeing a bleu alma and love it!