Yeah, I got my Lady Braid Satchel in Navy!!! PICS.

  1. :yahoo:I got it from the Rodeo Drive Chanel yesterday. :yahoo: They also had it in the grey.
    IMG_0141.jpg IMG_0142.jpg IMG_0145.jpg IMG_0148.jpg IMG_0149.jpg
  2. more Pics... the last two pics was taken without the flash.
    IMG_0152.jpg IMG_0163.jpg IMG_0156.jpg IMG_0146.jpg
  3. stunning = enjoy!
  4. So pretty!!! Congrats, and enjoy..
  5. love this!!! it looks great on you!!
  6. thats soooo pretty, its really like a denim blue color it seems?

    the leather looks different from what I had expected too tho...for some reason i thought it was more of a smooth leather but is this one slightly more pebbly or textured? (or maybe im just going blind from being online too much) =X
  7. OH. MY. GOD.

    It's so pretty I want to CRY.

    Congrats!! I love blue bags. Love, love, LOOOOOVE!!!
  8. Congrats!!!I love this bag!:drool:
  9. Beautiful bag, congrats
  10. A stunner! Congrats and Enjoy!
  11. Congrats! Very nice. :smile:
  12. What a beautiful color, enjoy it!!!!:drool:
  13. :drool: I love this style / color combination. Congrats on finding such a beautiful bag!
  14. Ahh, it's so gorgeous!! :nuts: :heart: I thought the LB bowlers weren't due to arrive until much later! Hmm, do I need the blue as well? :push: Congrats, it's stunning!
  15. Congrats on your new purse, I really love the color of the blue.