Yeah...!!! I got both WC speedy35 and speedy30 !


Apr 30, 2008
the big sis 35 came 2 days ago and today the little sis come home
with me :yahoo: I like both but I think 35 is too big for me to carry on
like everyday bag ! I asked my BIL buy the 30 for me in Japan and last
night I got an email from him " I went to try to look for it today.Unfortunately, they don't have it all over Japan .Sold out ! "
So I paid above the price for this WC speedy30 $1600 :tdown: ( org is $1150 ,this bag was purchase in Hawaii ) , it's from my friend's friend . I know it's crazy price for a speedy30 but ...I really love the color IRL .
Here's the pix to compare size by size .
p.s : I think about to return 35 to LV boutique in Valley Fair this weekend , if someone live local here want the WC 35 , pm me so you and I will meet there for my return and you to buy right after that . I know they have a long waiting list. The 35 brand new since I got 'em' , sit in the box b/c I'm looking for 30 , in case I can't find 30 I'll go for 35.:yes: