Yeah,I bought speedy 30,nice size!

  1. Hey Ladies!!!
    I've read so many threads about speedy 30 before, and It makes me wanna have one.
    So,I went to Lv yesterday to try the speedy 30, and yes, I end up buying it!! I tought that it would be too big for me, but no,,its a nice size. Im only 6'4.Im so happy to have it.
    I also tried the Batignolles V and H..i love them too! Lord knows how is my feeling that time. I wish I could purchase both:shame: aggghhh!

    I already have speedy 25 which I love so much, but I have to sale her:sad2: because I cant afford to have both! I dont really use it because its too small for me and most of the time it sleep in the box. But it has a nice patina already, very light patina. My new speedy is so new, and takes sometimes to get the patina:amuse: Its gonna take somtimes till I get that color.
    Well, the 3rd picture u can see my 25 and 30.
    Thanks guys.....I cant wait to enjoy this bag, but Im not going anyway today,,guess I just need to carry it all over the house..hehe
    PICT3175.jpg PICT3179.jpg PICT3182.jpg
  2. Gorgeous bag!!!! Hope you enjoy it!

    You are 6'4??? That is tall!!
  3. Thanks 6'4, i always think Im too short..and hate to be surrounded by tall people, i feel invisible..
    I like your avatar!
  4. great purchase
  5. I'm getting more and more tempted to get a 30 monogram before my 25 damier arrives... :biggrin: They look so cute!!!
  6. Congratulatons! Thanks for posting pics of the 25 and 30 together, as so many of us are considering both and trying to decide.
  7. Thanks...
    The 25 is a great bag too, but it just too small for me. The 30 i a little more roomy, and its not so huge at all like some other people said.
    I would advice speedy 30 if you LOVE big bag!
  8. Very nice!!! I have a 25 and I want a 30 too!!!
  9. Congratulations on your new Speedy!!!!
  10. Woah, you are super tall !! I am over a foot shorter than you !

    And congrats on your new bag ! :biggrin:
  11. i am so not 6'4, i wrote it just 5'4
    OMG,,,,pls dont say im stuuupid!!!
  12. sorry 5'4..opppsss!!! 6'4 , definitely not.:lol:
  13. Congratulations on the Speedy! It's a great bag!
  14. congrats! my speedy 30 is my best friend. =)
  15. YAY!!! Enjoy your purchase!!!:love: