Yeah, hi... *waves* I have a question/need advice!

  1. I've never been in this part of the forum; to be honest, I'm a little scared of you Hermes Goddesses. LOL. Okay, so I'm way scared.

    Anyway, I'll be able to afford a Birkin or a Kelly one day but not anytime soon-- I'm just now getting my career off the ground and hoping to start my own business within the next few years.

    So, the point of this. I'm an LV obsessor (don't hate me!), and just got a new Speedy, and since I can't afford an Hermés bag, I was thinking maybe a scarf for my Speedy?

    Do you all recommend a twilly or a full size scarf? What style do you recommend? My Speedy is a Damier 25 (picture enclosed). TIA! :flowers:
    damier2.jpg damiercloseup.jpg
  2. Twilly. Check out duncan's thread today. He just dressed up his LV.

    Welcome and don't be afraid of us, just grow a thick hide and quickly. We do a lot of teasing on here.
  3. haha..welcome to the orange side! we are not scary, we are just crazy.
    I think it's a great idea to have a twilly or a poket square for your speedy. a scarf might be too big (too much material going on when you tie it). you can also get a little animal cadena, (a key charm) to hang out the side tab. that's super cute, too.
    but buying a scarf is a smart idea, you can do so many things with it.
    oh..and a lot of us still use our LVs as well. LV is fabulous!
  4. How about a pochette? Welcome! :smile:
  5. Hey, speak for yourself. I'm almost normal when the thorazine kicks in!!!:p
  6. :smile: Thanks you all!

    I live in Arkansas, so I've got to assume the nearest Hermes boutique is at least 500 miles away *sigh* so that means I'll have to order anything I decide on. I love the pink hermes ribbons twilly but I don't know if it'll look good with my damier bag.
  7. I knew you were going to say that when i saw you on! lol!
  8. razor, I lived in Little Rock a long time ago--
    A pink Twilly or pink bolduc pochette would look quite nice IMO...
  9. Twilly or Pouchette!!
    Definitely not a full sized scarf.
  10. I LOVE this design. No offense to ANYONE here but the Coach ponytail scarves I have are the same thing and are $38, so if I'm going to spend over a hundred bucks on one, I want it to scream "HERMES!!!"

    LOL! *hides*
    062408s01.jpg 062408s04.jpg 062408s03.jpg
  11. The ribbons plus the Damier might be a little busy. There's also a cute Berries twilly, I don't know if it's still available on though.
  12. How about a pochette instead? Only because it's bulk might make more of a statement against the Damier....

    OR I might opt for a gold cadena.......
  13. Hi! *waves* I have tied the Twillys and pocket squares to my Damier Saleya and I think they all look great!!!! The Damier is so neutral, the scarves give it a great pop of color. I think the ribbons...especially the one in pink would look great because the pink looks so good against brown. :tup: There should be pics somewhere in this forum and the LV forum of my Saleya (sorry I deleted a lot of my pics to free up room on my computer so I can't repost them. I don't have a Damier bag at the moment but am thinking about the Speedy. :drool:)
    The cadena (lock) is a great idea too! Just be sure to get a lighter one...the hippo stretched out the leather a little on my Speedy. I am looking for a gold Pegasus now since it's lighter.
    HTH :heart:
  14. OK, so what really hacks me off? I didn't used to be a purse conossieur. And I lived in NAPLES, FL. Where there is a Hermes, LV, anything I could want.

    And I never went. Because I didn't know. And now I don't live there anymore. *cries* :cry: :crybaby: