Yeah! Got my new Pomme LE Cles! (Pics)

  1. Gotta love that fedex man and e-luxury! It only took two days to receive my new Pomme LE Cles! I love it!

    I sold my regular Pomme cles on eBay to get it. I couldn't decide between Pomme and Violette but in the end went with Pomme because I knew I needed something Pomme in my life and since my other one was going this one had to be Pomme. It is really nice, much bigger than the regular cles and I love the LV nameplate (btw, there is clear tape on the LV nameplate, if you purchased one make sure to remove it).

    Here she is:

  2. Congrats, she's gorgeous ! :yes:
  3. Here it is with my MC Pochette Wallet and Speedy 30:


    And here it is with my Balenciaga (I know this is the LV board, but I love it with the gold hardware on the bbag):

  4. congrats and its a lovely color..:tup:
  5. Thanks!
  6. Congrats!! The red looks so nice against your Black Balenciaga.

    Are these really LE?? My SA said they werent that they were seasonal meaning they will probably go in to the regular line. I would love to know for sure.
  7. Congrats....Beautiful!! I totally love much that I bought one
  8. ^^^ Yes I heard that too. I really am not sure and I am not too concerned because I only purchase LV to use, not as an investment. I think they should keep these around for people who need more room for credit cards and such like I did. The regular cles really don't hold much. I am sure if they are big sellers they will find a way to bring them back, KWIM?
  9. congrats!
  10. Oooh, she is so *BEAUTIFUL*.

    You made a great choice choosing Pomme. :tup:

    Congrats and Enjoy!!
  11. Congrats, pomme is such a pretty color!
  12. Thank you everyone!
  13. So beautiful! I love Pomme ... it goes great with a lot of bags!
  14. congrats :tup:
  15. Congrats. So pretty! I love the Vernis. I love the Pomme. I love the way Louis Vuitton looks so retro on the front. I am hoping to buy one soon to store my iPod in.