Yeah! Got 868's in my size...well..

  1. Ok, I ordered the size 9. They are much more easyer to walk in when they fit, Haha!

    But, my left foot seems to be smaller than my right?!?! So they left shoe almost feels like it will slip off.

    Any suggestions to keep them on my feet?
  2. the right foot is always bigger than the left foot, somehow or rather i think this is a natural occurrence. you could buy a heel grip and paste it on the left shoe that is looser!
  3. Heel grippers!!
  4. That is natural. Not everyone realizes that they have one foot bigger than the other. There are some people whose left foot is slightly bigger than the right though!

    An SA at NM that I like to buy from usually suggests putting in a foot pad for the smaller foot. I'm not 100% sure how it works, but it does!

    I tend to buy shoes for my left foot as its the smaller one. Otherwise I get blisters on that foot from my heel always slipping out! I'd rather deal with my right foot getting slightly squished until the shoe stretches instead of blisters on the left foot. :smile:
  5. I find it depends on the shoe. Sometimes I use inserts at the ball of the foot, sometimes I find that the heel things from foot petals does the trick. I used to buy for my smaller foot, but I decided I hate the pain from my slightly larger foot, so now I buy for that!
  6. those heel sticker things work well =)