YEAAAHHH!! Edmonton OiLers are going to the STANLEY CUP FINALS!!

  1. They've played sooo well and deserved it for so long!!!!!!! YaYYY!! I am sooooo EXCITED!!!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. yay! another oilers fan! I am ecstatic! :yahoo:

    my bf is the typical calgary flames fan, so i relished just calling him and rubbing it in! mwhahaha! :yes:
  3. I'm a Ducks fan here in So Ca. SO sad the Ducks lost, but the Oilers played well, so I will root for them in the cup!!
  4. hahah thank u irish girl.....yea the ducks played very was such a close was nuts!! ahhhhhh!! hehehehhe :biguns: :yahoo: :rochard:
  5. It was fun, I sorta hoped that the Ducks could win tonight and that the Oilers could win their final game at home, but hopefully they will be able to skate the cup on home ice!!!
  6. 0o0o FUN! i'm a total FLAMES fan! But good on the OILERS!!!! :amuse: *sigh* i miss canada!
  7. YEAAA for a Canadian team making into the cup finals!!! It's been long overdue for a CDN team to finally win it and bring the cup home where it belongs!!!!
  8. I am a Sens's fan. But I am very happy that Oiler made it, the only Canadian team in the finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm SO excited, GO OILERS GO!!

    Sadly I'm not in Canada to witness the bringing home of the cup (cause I'm sure that we will!!) :rochard:

    But I hope that all you over there will cheer for me too when the games are on.. So hard to find them here in Copenhagen. :cry:

    Although I'm originally a Canucks fan my Dad is from Edmonton so I love them too!

  10. YAY Edmonton! Glad to see other Oilers fans here!
  11. YAY OILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love being Canadian! :biggrin:
  12. i bought my bunny an oilers shirt from the build-a-bear workshop..this is the only pic i got of him standing...unfortunately his tongue is sticking out b/c he was trying to lick his chin! lol :lol:

    go oilers go!
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  13. I'm so happy for them. My bf and I r big time Oilers Fan. Hoping to go to next Saturday's game!!! :biggrin: My bf waited 14 yrs for this. They r going to go all the way.
  14. BLushingbaby....The first pic of your rabbit IS SOOOO CUTE!!! 1 hahahah awww Kodak moment picture!!
  15. blushingbaby, your bunny is hilarious!! I love it!!