Yea or Nay on OTK

Keep or return?

  • Love the zipper, keep the boots!

  • Hate the zipper, return the boots!

  • Meh the zipper, keep the boots anyway

  • The zipper is fine, return the boots anyway

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Aug 29, 2008
Help me out, girls. These are kind of louder than I really wanted, and not as tall, but I have tried on a whole bunch of slouchy, shapeless boots and these are a perfect snug fit. I'm just not sure about the funky zipper and the contrast stitching. What do y'all think? Keep or return?



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Birkin or bust...
Aug 2, 2009
Hi, I'm new to your thread (I feel like I'm cheating on my forum :P ) I hope that's ok, I love shoes.
Beautiful! wish I could get my leg in those. I just spent a day trying to stuff my leggs in boots. Found an awesome pair though.
yours are Gorgeous!!!
Aug 29, 2008
^They are such a snug fit that radish legs are not a worry. They are really very flattering in terms of fit. I am hanging on to these for now while I try on a couple different pairs, recommended by tPFers of course. Would it be overkill to have two pairs of black suede OTK boots in different styles/heights?? :shame: