Yea or Nay for 1/29/07

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  1. As this date (29th) approaches i'm getting very excited as to what will show up at the outlets.

    What do you think will be there? (if anything interesting)

    Will you be going?
    As for me i'm taking off a half a day to check things out:graucho: :yahoo:

    I hope that it's worth it!
  2. I'll be at the Coach outlet that day!:yes:
  3. I am so on the fence with this...
    do I take the day off and go?

    do I go to the outlet that carries signature print and is further away?

    or do I go to the one that is closer, but only carries non-signature pieces?

    I really am conflicted on what to do....
  4. What's going on the 29th?? Is it a special sale?? New stock comes in?? Please let me know I'm new to Coach. Thanks!
  5. sigh...monday. yuck.

    the only day i can go is sunday.
  6. Ohh I wish I could go on the 29th!!! I'm going on the 27th, If I could get there I would be there in a heart beat
  7. ok, im still a little lost ! why the 29th and not the 31 st ?

    is it always the 29th of every month ?

    Cha Cha
  8. I have to work 9-5 that day and the nearest outlet is 2 hours away, so there's no way I can go.
  9. No way I can go that Monday, but do you think going that Friday (2/1) would be worthwhile?
  10. Sprinkles or Ms-Whitney(etc.).....can you please share anything you know about this date? Inquiring minds want to know!

  11. i second that ! if its going to be the 29th of every month then i will schedule a monthly visit to the outlet.
  12. Still on the fence as well. Depends on weather as well
  13. I have class on mondays. I don't think I'll make it.
    But all please share all the wonderful goodies you get your hands on.
  14. I think they don't work for an outlet, so they would not know.:shrugs:
  15. I'm planning on taking off work to go there on Monday. Not sure what I'll find, but I'll definitely let everyone know. I know I've read that Thursday's are supposedly the best days to go to the outlet, but someone had posted earlier that the 29th is the new floorset (?) at the outlets. I'll just plan on going and cross my fingers that I find something good. :yes: