YEA! Look what I just won....


    I got this primarily to use for work - for carrying my umbrella, shoes, a light sweater/jacket (a/c is freezing where I work!), my book and other odds-n-ends.

    Figure I can also use it as beach tote or for by the pool. I love how casual it is - I won't be so afraid of getting it dirty, worn, etc. It reminds me of an old pair of jeans!! I think it will be nice and light too - which is exactly what I need (I tend to keep tossing things inside & eventually my tote weighs a ton!)
  2. I like this kind of totes! Lovely!
  3. I know - I'm a BIG BAG kinda gal. I just luv the look of this tote. So laid back & casual - like I feel on most days!
  4. Lol I like your eBay user name
  5. I love this kind of tote too. So strong and easy to maintain. Plus, it is a good deal.

  6. Great deal!
  7. I was chuckling at your eBay username too.. great bag for chucking everything in and go and not having to be careful:smile:
  8. Congratulations! Lovely.
  9. congrats!
  10. congrats on the awesome deal!
  11. great price :yes: