Yea!! Jimmy choo forum is open

  1. Hey guys. I wanted to say hi I am a fellow Jimmy choo Lover. Thanks to Vlad & Megs for setting this up. I do not have a huge Jimmy choo collection but here is the pic of my 2 bags and sandals.

    Lizard Ramona, black studded sandals and Green python Ross (The Ross is the best bag ever. Perfect size and can be used as handbag or shoulder)
    Sorry, I just reallized I have my ramona facing the wrong way . . . I guess she is shy

    Welcome to all
  2. Just had to add . . . :dothewave: :party: :drinks:
  3. Gorgeous Bags!:dothewave:
  4. Beautiful bags.
  5. Love the bags in exotic leather:yes: Shoes are beautiful too!
  6. yea! I'm so happy we have a Jimmy Choo forum now! :yahoo:

    Beautiful collection, FleurDeLis. I love those shoes and thought about getting them after seeing them on a website, but now I can't remember where it was.
  7. :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo: YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Whoo HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you so much for this forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!