Yea!! I'm a "Grandma"....hehehe

  1. Meet my new "grandson"....

    My daughter just got him tonight...she's named him "tatertot"....kinda strange..but in a cute way...

    I'm interested in seeing how Tater reacts to his two 4legged uncles and vise versa...they have never been around a kitty before....hope they get along!
  2. What a cutie! My mom calls her kids pets her grandkids too lol. I call my mom Grandma on my baby's behalf too :heart:
  3. AWWW!! Tater is adorable! Congrats on your new addition! And I totally approve of the name BTW.
  4. So cute!!!
  5. LOL, I have a "grand" dog, too. Our older son and dil have no children but they adopt rescue dogs and Chelsey is their current fur baby. Your grandkitty is adorable! Congratulations, Nana!
  6. So cute!

    haha, my mom and dad are my dogs' "grandparents," too. ;)
  7. So cute- we gave my mil a pillow that says 'Dachsunds are my Grandchildren'!
  8. Lol I call my mom the "grandma" of my dog hehe brother is the uncle and my bf the dad :smile:
  9. Wow what a cutie, my mom says the same thing that shes a grandma... I have three cats that she treats like her grand babies!
  10. Cute looking little kitty. Nothing quite like taking a pet home for the first time.

    It seems that mothers the world over think of their childrens pets as "grandpets". We have two cats and my DHs mom pampers them terribly.

    Not for long though, she'll have the real thing soon!
  11. Awwww!!! He looks just like a kitty I used to have! :love:
  12. aww! I wanna kitty! So cute