YEA... I ordered the Medium Lily

  1. Well, I just was able to order the bag I TRIED to get on Friday, YEA@!!

    Now I have a choice to make

    Do I keep the ....

    1) Felicia in Black
    2) Bleecker Shopper in Black
    3) Medium Lily in Black

    What's a girl to do???
  2. As much as I love the Bleeker line, I would go with the Lily. It's just so unusual, you know? Congrats and post pix!
  3. That's a toughie! I love my Bleecker shopper but the Lily is so new and unusual! You can't keep them both? Good luck making a decision!
  4. can you keep em all - they are all different

    they are all very, very nice!
  5. well if you can't keep them all i say keep the lily!
  6. Lily!!!
  7. My vote is to keep them all, but if you can't, go with the Lily!
  8. Totally the Lily!!! That bag is gorgeous!!!
  9. lily!!!
  10. I like them all but can you at least keep the lily and the leeker shopper?? I would have a hard time choosing between those two.
  11. It isn't as much as a "can't" as a shouldn't.

    I have the large Lily in Whiskey, medium Lily in Black
    Felicia in Tan and Black
    Shopper in Black on top of all my other bags.

    I just thought it I was only going to keep one or two of the Black bags (I am already using both brown ones) which would I keep.