Yea Fall! Leopard and Big Brown Balenciagas!!

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  1. I don't know about you gals but I've been salivating to wear my Fall "flings" for a loooooong time now. The Cafe P/T, with GGH, has been sitting on my closet shelf way too long and now she can be liberated justifiably. Also scarves and longs sleeves are a fresh reprieve as well. Let's see more Fall REVEALS!!!!:nuts:

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  2. You look beautiful! I LOVE Fall/Winter clothes and accessories!
    BUT it is still summer in Texas, tho today was definitely cooler than it has been since Spring....Fall is coming, but not yet.:pout:
  3. I know what you mean...can't wait to wear my leopard ballet flats from Lanvin with my Noix GGH PT and black Bal moto jacket... but still a long wait since it's far from the cold season here in sunny HK.

    btw, you look so fresh in your mod pic!!!
  4. Susie, you look great, I love your fall outfit!:tup: It's definitely fall here as well now - and that means moto jacket season!!! Also scarves needs to come out now and I love them too...especially if it's leopard print:graucho:
  5. Leslie your Black PT with GGH made me jump. Don't worry, like I said before TX will be cool soon. PB and PP other sisters in crime, dress up and pic away, let's do our own Fall Fashion show, :heart: (Leslie you too, you have AC!!)!! Lurkers? belly up and snap away. This is the part of tPF I adore because there's so much good taste on this board!
  6. ^^ Oy .. I am sooooooo NOT looking forward to the cold weather, then again I also live in New England so ... (although I love the fall colors!). Maybe we should switch places?!?! ;)
  7. Susie you are soooooo sweet, and love your style very very much!
  8. You look great! Thanks for sharing.
    But on the other side of the world here in Australia it's spring! And we're looking forward to the SS2011 colours to be released! :biggrin:

  9. gorgeous!!i love your outfit ,and your cafè ggh pt is tdf:drool:!!
  10. Ceejay you need to live in Cali (hell I need to live in Cali?)? Because in California you can wear scarves with shorts since the weather dictates, LOL!!

    Ruir I'm touched my your words; Cap so while we were sweating in the states you were all bundled up!! and Chloeglamour you wonderful thing I just looked at "one the street" for the Milan fashion show and was thrilled to see Balenciaga alive and well. I too adore my Cafe with GGH!! Ciao Bella!!!
  11. Tell me about it!!!! I love southern California; the topography of the land reminds me a lot of Italy (Toscana, Umbria & Lazio). Plus, I actually love the desert. I've been looking at jobs out there, but ... alas ... seems as though a lot of them require a significant amount of travel and been there, done that!