yayyyyyyyyyyy my new tote

  1. As some of you know I had to send in my med. reversible sig stripe tote for repair and they couldn't do it, blah blah blah.
    But yesterday I recieved the replacement I had ordered off of eBay. It's not the medium, its the LARGE!!!! But it's so cute and in perfect condition, NWT.

    AHHHHH, I dont know how I'm gonna break the news to SO, he still doesn't know that I ordered it. But once I bring it out of hiding in the car I'll take some pics.
    And he can't be too mad, I just got a new job, making better money, so I deserve a treat!!!(but I already told him that was the reason for buying a new tiffanys necklace and bracelet.... lol I've gotta come up w/another excuse!!! :roflmfao: )

  2. excuse is that your other couldnt be fixed and you were going to miss the bag :smile:

    Cant wait to see pic's.
  3. Im so glad you were able to get another tote. Just tell SO that you needed the tote for your new job - since its the large you can now bring your lunch in it, which will save $$, right?!
  4. I like the large size better! Congrats! What color is it?
  5. khaki/BLUE!!!!!!
  6. ^^^I love this color combo! I'm so glad you were able to find a replacement and so soon!!! I love my large sig stripe tote, it fits everything!
  7. Congrats! Enjoy your new larger tote.
  8. Where is the pic young lady? *tapping fingers* :lol:
  9. Well, what did you get with the credit from Coach?
  10. congrats! the khaki/blue is one of my favorite combinations!
  11. :nuts:Cant wait to see pics!
  12. I'm not the only one who hides things in the car!:lol:
  13. Khaki/blue is so cute! Congrats!!
  14. It's a beautiful combo color.. can't wait to see your pics:p
  15. Would love to see pics! It sounds gorgeous!