yayyy look what i got!!

  1. finally saw the 08 BG in person. saw it with GSH, RH in the city and RH in the day. the day was my fav but i didn't get it because of this beauty!

    i'm giving up my RH violet step for this beauty BUT someone returned a violet day GSH at NM so i'm going to get it and see which one i'll end up keeping~
  2. argh pic is too big to upload!!!

    let me try this...
  3. Go for the Hobo baby!
  4. Oh, I love the hobo style!! And the SGH with the violet is a gorgeous combo!!
  5. ^ thank you KDC & couture i definitely love this color combo
  6. Gorgeous hobo! Congrats on your awesome find and new bag!
  7. I love the color combo but i would choose the Day over the Hobo, more room and I like the Day's slouch better. I am still trying to get my Hobo to slouch the way I want it to slouch, the Day comes already perfect!
  8. ^ that's good to know! thankssss for letting me know. i already put the day on hold...just gotta run over there and take a look @ it. i wanted the day but settled for the hobo since they were sold out everywhere but now that there's a day available i am so happy!
  9. Congrats.:yahoo: I personally prefer the Day too but either one in this combo is gorgeous.:tup:
  10. OMG!!!! Congrats!!!
  11. Gorgeous leather! Congrats!
  12. gorgeous violet!!!
  13. Which style(s) did you see in bubblegum w/Giant Silver HW? I was at a NM today and only saw it in the RH and Giant Gold.
  14. gorgeous!! :heart: congrats!! it's definitely a great choice!
  15. OMG where on earth did you find a violet SGH hobo?!!!

    Congrats, no matter which one you end up with, both styles are gorgeous in this color/hardware combo!