YAYYY finally!!!

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  1. Helloooo everyone...I am still forbidden to access TPF from my two house computers (dunno why :confused1:) so the only way I can post here any more is using the computers at the University...
    Anyways...I got a call from my SA today telling me that I have the first clear inclusion bracelet in Calgary put on hold for me and I have three days to go pick it up! :nuts: So I will go pick it up tomorrow before my exam prep course.

    I won't be at school for a few days, so I will post the links to my pics' address right now...it's a stock pic of the clear inclusion bracelet, but the actual pic of my bracelet will not show up until I actually have time to upload them onto my FTP server to replace the stock pic (which will probably be tomorrow night). So, for now, it'll be a stock pic and some broken links, but on Sunday I should have all the pics uploaded!

    Friday, Dec 1: NOT WORKING YET:

    No news about Miroir yet...I was so excited to see LV on my caller ID, I immediately thought it was for Miroir but it was for the bracelet ...good enough!
  2. hmm thats really weird about your computers not being able to access TPF!!? congrats on the inclusion bracelet, they are soo cute!
  3. :wlae: :wlae: Congrats!! Can't wait to see it and pleasee model it my friend:graucho: :love: BTW did you call and ask them about your Miroir Pochette? I hate waiting:sad:
  4. Congrats Karman! That bracelet is so pretty!!! :smile:
  5. I want one too but I'm not on a waiting list. :sad:
  6. Congrats!! It's so pretty :nuts:
  7. congrats!! its beautiful!!
  8. Another SA told me that it won't be released here until mid December...so...I'm taking his word for it and assuming that they haven't arrived yet. I'm only 6/7th on the list, so I don't expect a call right away! :sad:
  9. Congrats, Karman!:love:

    Glad you made it back... It was a baddd day yesterday made me crazy to load and reload the website...:wacko::weird:
  10. Good to see you Karman! Hope you get things straightened out and are back full time soon!
    Congrats on your pretty bracelet!:flowers:
  11. Actually, I have had the same problem at home and at work. There are moments when the PF does not load up or is VERY slow.

    I have a Mac so it's pretty much infalliable, i.e. no viruses or spyware, so that's not the cause. I've tried it from DSL and T1 lines and sometimes the site just 'hangs' :sad:
  12. Yeah, Congrats! Keeping my fingers crossed for you on the pochette!
  13. Weird...why?

  14. Congrats Karman! I am still waiting for a call. I'll be sad if I don't get a call and end up seeing the transparent bracelet at the boutique tonight :crybaby:(That's basically what had happened with the Berry Inclusions! :cursing:)
  15. beautiful! congrats! can't wait to see pics of you wearing it.