Yayyy!!! A HG! Rouge Vif Day! Oh a happy Day!!!

  1. Last night I slipped while doing laundry in my basement and it was a bad fall I ended up with a swollen ankle. I called in sick today at work because I don't wanna walk too much and just mess it up badly. My left knee is still a lil swollen but I should be able to go to work tomorrow. Then around 6PM, look what arrived... This really made up my Day! (And made me forget about the swollen ankle, LOL :p)

    The leather is sooo rich and shiny and very smooshy!
    This is my second Balenciaga and no regrets! Rouge Vif is in my holy grail/must have list and I'm sooo happy I have one now!
    The Day style is soo comfortable on the shoulders and I'm sure this won't be the last Day I will ever purchase!!! :graucho: I'm so happy I'm on the Grape Day waitinglist! :yahoo:

    Anyway, here she is...
    (the pictures really don't do justice :rolleyes: )


    DSC03754.JPG DSC03758.JPG
  2. :tup:

    We are rouge vif buddies! I just got my vif Box.
  3. GORGEOUS! This color is so "popping"! :nuts: YAY indeed!!!
  4. i love rouge vif. i used my RV city today for the first time in months and i am def going to be using it a lot during the summer! it is A great color.
  5. Congrats! I have Rouge vif city and love it! They all have fabulous leather. Yours looks yummy!
  6. C O N G R A T S :yahoo:It looks perfect... Yummie :drool:
  7. Congrats:yahoo: hope your knee is doing better.:smile:
  8. Wow that is LOVELY!!!! Congrats and I hope your foot is better soon!
  9. very nice. is it a darker red in real life than the pics?

    Congrats - a red day bag is very tempting to have!!
  10. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  11. Love it! fabulous leather on yours. Isn't the Day just the best? Enjoy your scrumptious RV Day.
  12. Gorgeous - congrats and enjoy!
  13. Yummy color!

    How are you feeling?

    Congrats on ur purchase, and I hope ur knee feels better by the minute! Thanks for sharing w/ us!
  15. Congrats!!!