Yayy, my gorgeous INK DAY is here.

  1. Every one i am so excited. :yahoo: I just got my INK DAY today and thanks to circoit (love you). :kiss: I always wanted an Ink bag but they were either veiny or treated:yucky: but this one is just perfect.:wlae: The leather is soft, smooth and not veiny and it has more purple just the way i like it. :drool:
    I am also including a pic of my two weeks old 06 Black Day (from NM).:yahoo: I could not resist this one either because the leather is very yummy (just like 05 leather) and the color is jet Black.:woohoo: :dothewave:
    IMG_2393 (2).JPG IMG_2394 (2).JPG IMG_2396 (2).JPG IMG_2398 (2).JPG
  2. My 06 Black Day.:yahoo:
    IMG_2402 (2).JPG IMG_2404 (2).JPG
  3. [​IMG]

    Nanaz : OMG....this color is so H-O-T!!! I've been wanting to get this in work style but still no gd news on that!!!....sigh....love to enlarge pics for others to view....enjoy ur new love!!! congrats!!!
  4. ^^ congrats sweetie, i :heart: 'em both!!! :yahoo:
  5. Celia - thanks for the bigger pic. :heart: Don't give up, you will find yours too.:yes: It only took me, year and a half to find mine.:roflmfao: :roflmfao: I am not kidding.:lol:
  6. Really nanaz, i guess i have to be a bit patience nowadays...i think i'm goin a bit crazy soon...ahahhahaah....but i'm sure due to the long wait, it definitely pay off everything after u have seen ur new love rite????
  7. That leather looks yummy! It doesnt even look like its ever been used! YAY for Nanaz!:heart:
  8. Hi moma Donna, i know how to pull you over to this dark side of the world don't i?:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :graucho: Don't forget to eat.:lol:
  9. Yay congrats!!! I know how long you've been looking for your perfect, untreated Ink - happy early bday ;)
  10. Slinkieeeeeeeeeeee, thank you girlie. :smile: I am very happy with it. ;) :heart:
  11. Nanaz gorgeous find, the leather really has heaps of character!

    Happy Birthday too btw xoxoxo
  12. okay i am going to say it again, I loveeee ink. it is one of my all-time favorite color. love the leather on your bag. making me drool. congrats on your beauty!
  13. congrats!
  14. Way pretty nanaz! Congrats on such a find!!!
  15. WOW, Nanaz, it's beautiful!!:love: Congrats!:yes: