Yayy my 05 Bordeaux City just arrived and WOW

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I just got my 05 Bordeaux City today. All i can say, WOW & OMG :nuts: . It is gorgeous and in mint condition. :drool: The handles are little bit dark but not too bad. The leather is so soft, smooshy, and slouchy. The seller was wonderful and she shipped it to me express.:tender: I finally got my dream bag and thanks to every one. :love:

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  2. Some more pics.:happydance:

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  3. Isn't the leather on the bordeaux to die for? I love mine to death. I like the leather better on my bordeaux day than on my spring 05 black day and better than the lilac 04 bag I used to own.
  4. Congrats ... it's so beautiful, I just love the color! Definitely one on my wish list:yes:
  5. Gorgeous nanaz! LOVE your bordeaux - the leather looks superb! CONGRATS!!! Isn't it absolutely wonderful when you have your dream bag in your hands?
  6. jadecee You are absolutely right, and it feels wonderful.:yahoo:
    circoit The leather is awsome, i wish Bal brings it back again.:drool:
    asl_bebes You definitely need one of these. :yes:
  7. Nanaz - congratulations, girl! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: the leather and color are absolutely scrumptious! Looks to me like good bag karma has finally caught up with you after Ink mishaps - one great bag after another :P
  8. Congrats, my dear! Your bag is great and I love the color, it look wonderful.
  9. [​IMG]

    PRETTYYYY!!!! it looks like it's in a great condition!
  10. Gorgeous!!!
  11. omg! I need one of these too! :smile: so pretty!!!
  12. Thanks every one. I am so happy & pleased with my purchase.:wlae:
    Slinky Girl, i got lucky twice in a row, do you think this is a sign that my perfect Ink City will find me some day too?;)
  13. soo pretty!! I have this color in the first and I love it, it has great leather!! congrats!!!!!!
  14. Aaaaaah!:wtf: :drool: :drool: Looooooooooooooove! looooooooooove! these pics are seriously interfering with my ability to work this morning. They're breaking my concentration. Suddenly I have a hankering for pomegranates. mmmmmmm! :drool:
  15. Hi babee, cheers with pomegranates to our Bordeaux Cities.:drinkup: :party: Any one wants to join the Bordeaux party?:jammin: