yayy! just received this! *pics*

  1. Hi everyone. Today i received a cute little coach my mom send me with a friend of hers who was coming to Peru...!
    So here it is... :nuts:
    coach.JPG coach2.JPG
  2. Cute! Never saw one like that before.
  3. never seen that before.
  4. definitely cute, it seen at the outlets today..
  5. It is cute and looks good on you! I saw a black version at the outlet recently.
  6. That is soooo cute!!! Thanks for posting pics!
  7. very cute!!!
  8. I want one of those! Oh my gosh!!!
  9. thanks for the comments everyone!
    I think it's called mini crossbody or something like that, not so sure..
  10. That is very cute!
  11. i love it! haven't seen that before, i love that shape! i wish the CA outlets had signature stuff. they only have leather and suede, but never signature. :sad: could you tell me what the style # is? i want to look it up. thx sweetie, congrat! you wear it so well on you!
  12. cute ! congrats !

  13. Thank you lunatwinkle! :shame: The style is Signature Mini crossbody and the # is F10840.
    Hope it helps!;)
  14. it's cute :smile:
  15. Cute!