Yayy!! :) I Won The Vintage Jumbo On Ebay!!! =)

  1. I'm so happy!!! I never won anything on eBay before!!! (I always usually just get it with Buy It Now cause someone ALWAYS outbids me in the end) But I finally won! I set my alarm at 4AM to watch and bid till the end, it feels good!!


    This person only has 6 feedback. But I did some research and she bought this exact bag from Tamacloset who is also Kaorin (I messaged them both, they confirmed that they were the same person) and I know Kaorin for sure sells authentic Chanel .. =)

    Hopefully all goes well and I recieve my package safely... and soon!!!!!

    Oh yea: their shipping is not included with insurance. Is it better to get insurance w/ it? Shall I ask them to add insurance?
  2. Congrats! I was looking at this listing (but I didn't bid). I would definitely ask the seller if it's possible to pay for insurance. :yes:
  3. ^ oh hehe... how come u didn't bid? well im thankful. haha thanks!! :smile:
  4. oh and i have a question.

    so i have the east west on hold at the chanel boutique. i actually BOUGHT it and put the shipping on HOLD. im gonna have to return it >.< because i juts can't spend this much money on both bags~ ESP since it's CHRISTMAS season and im already broke, haha. do you think the SA will be mad for returning right before price increase? =(
  5. Congrats on the beautiful bag.. and i think it would be safer to add insurance just in case something goe wrong with it.

    Re the SA: she shouldn't get mad because u cancelled ur order, she would ended up selling it for higher price aft price increase anyway..
    So yeah, i suggest u to make up a reason for the SA and just say sorry.

    HTH :heart:
  6. Congrats, its beautiful
  7. wow.... the price is great too!!! congratulations :party:

    btw, i think it's the jumbo and not xl jumbo as stated on the listing?

  8. Congrtats! You will love it!
  9. Congrats. Great bag.
  10. Congrats on your vintage classic, great price!! Enjoy!!
  11. congrats! cant wait to see your modelling pics!
  12. Woohoo! Congrats on your first eBay win. :yahoo:I can't believe you woke up at 4am to see the end of the auction. Now that is commitment! I can't wait to see modelling pics :tup:
  13. Lucky you!:yes:It's very beautiful!Congrats!:nuts:
  14. ^ thanks everyone!!

    and yeah, i think it's the regular jumbo and not the XL.. which is good! since im about nicoles size, i wanted the regular :yahoo: im happy!!! im happy!!
  15. the price is great !!!congratulation..it's beautiful bag^^:smile: