Yayy, I totally scored some Coach platforms today...

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  1. at Nordstrom Rack! I had some clothes I needed to return and decided to take a look at their shoe section because they were having a 35%/50% off the sale price sale. They had their "New Shipment Designer" shoe section, and I spotted a pair of Coach black & white snake-skin, jute platform sandals on sale for $98.90. I tried them on, they looked cute, and since there were a couple of pairs, I decided to take a look at the super sale section. Normally, they only have FUGLY shoes left over in my size in this section, but as I was sifting through the FUGLIES, I spotted a pair of the same sandals that I had just tried on, only in gold. Thinking that someone was hiding these to grab later, I snatched them when I also saw that they were marked $89.90--almost ten dollars less than the black/white pair!

    Wait, my find gets better! After ringing my shoes up, the SA tells me, "Wow, those are on sale for $44.95!"

    Did I totally score or what? :nuts: The shoes were originally $198.00 (or at least that is what the tag says)! They are little higher than I am normally used to, (I'll be about six feet tall wearing these) and my feet are hideous (so my siblings have been saying since the day I was born), but I think the shoes are cute enough to detract from these faults. Can anyone tell me what season these shoes came out?

  2. Don't know what season, but they look great on you!!! Sigh I'm dying for a pair of wedge sandals.
  3. im not sure either but they are super cute!!!
  4. Don't you LOVE great deals??!!!! WOW!

    I don't know what season they are from either, but I know someone will be along to help!

    ENJOY those sandals!:smile:
  5. Good for you! I love it when the register rings up a price even lower - totally makes my day!!
  6. Wow you scored!!!! Those shoes are so cute!!!
  7. Congrats. Very cute.
  8. Cute! I really like those, congrats!
  9. congrats!
  10. Thanks, all! I just found the same pair on eBay and some sellers are asking close to the regular price. Hmmm, maybe I should go back tomorrow and see if they have more!
  11. Yaaa check it out!! I'm in Mtn View, which Nordstrom Rack did you go to??? hehe I gotta check them out this weekend.
  12. I went to the one in downtown SF, in the same shopping complex as Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Trader Joe's--I think it's on Brannan? I find that they usually carry the higher end items at this rack (I saw a silk Zac Posen dress in mauve that was originally about $2800 for $300, and a Stella McCartney blouse that was originally $1000, for $100) than they do in Daly City. They also had some bronze Turnlock loafer heels and some other Coach shoes.
  13. Holy Crap!! You got a super deal! WOW! And they look great on you! Sooo cute! Im going to have to hit up my NR asap.
  14. They are very cute and what a deal you got! I love it.
  15. Wow, Congrats on the deal. Those look great on you.