Yayy, i got it, my dream bag.

  1. I am so excited.:yahoo: I wasn't going to post this thread until i got my 06 Lilac City but i just could not wait to share the news with you all. :wlae: I have been looking for 06 Lilac City for some time now and after loosing seahorse's Lilac i had given up.:sad: Right when i thought i couldn't find one it just showed up on my lap out of no where.:nuts: I don't have it yet but it will be arriving next week. Actually 04 Lilac is my dream bag but they are very rare to find and expensive for my budget so i settled for 06 Lilac. It is untreated too. :nuts: Sadly i have to sacrifise my Pale Pink Day to afford this one.:crybaby: I can only share one pic from the seller but when i reviece it i will post more pics for you. It is always nice to share my excitement with all of my Bgal friends.:party: :heart:
    DSC00674 (2).JPG
  2. Congrats! I can't wait for more pics. I love that color and the leather looks TDF.
  3. Ohh! Congrats! I really want a color like this!
  4. Oh congrats
    I love the color
  5. OMG!!!!!!! That's incredibly GORGEOUS!!!:love: :drool: :love: So happy for you!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. Here is Lindsay's 04 Lilac compare to my 06 Lilac.:wlae:
    lohan24kf.jpg DSC00674 (2).JPG
  7. YAYYYYY:yahoo: !! I am SO excited for you. Can't wait to see it!
  8. :yahoo: Congrats NANAZ. Are you planning to bring her along to the Trunk show??? :nuts:
  9. Hey, Nanaz, make sure to post modelling pics once you receive her, okay? Congratulations!!! From that tiny picture, she looks incredible...
  10. congrats nanaz!:yahoo: the feeling is soooo great when u get the one you aim for! im so happy for your excitement, nothing beats the one you really like:smile:

    enjoy your new lilac:smile:
  11. It looks like a smooshy one! Hooray, I bet you are so excited!
  12. congrats nanaz... it really looks beautiful !!!! :heart: :yes: :heart:
    So happy for you !!! :yahoo:
  13. Congrats on getting your dream bag Nananz!!!
    It's a lovely color!!! yummy~
  14. yay! congrats!
  15. Thank you girls. :heart: I am excited and i can't wait till i have it in my hands.:yahoo: I think Lilac is very pretty for S/S and i have few outfits in Lilac color.:graucho: