Yayy, i added three new additions to my family - pics

  1. Ladies i added three new additions to my Bbag family.:yahoo: My brand new 05 Rouge Day, White Mini Bowling, and Silver Boobie. I love all of them and i am very excited. :party: I wanted to share these beauties with you. The Rouge Day is TDF. :drool: I also took a pic of my Black City so she won't feel left out.:cutesy:Enjoy.:love:
    IMG_2086 (2).JPG IMG_2089 (2).JPG IMG_2088 (2).JPG IMG_2091 (2).JPG IMG_2080 (2).JPG
  2. LOVE them Nanaz! :yahoo: I really regret not getting your Olive Day!:crybaby:
  3. yeahhhh congrats! :party:
  4. Ooooh they are all gorgeous! Especially love the silver boobie!!
  5. Thanks seahorse for making my pics bigger.:smile: I really have to learn how to do this. :rolleyes: I am still missing the Lilac City but i know it will come to me again when the time is right.;)
  6. Sorry i think Ms. Cafe was feeling left out too.:p
  7. All are TDF but especially love the silver boobie! Congrats!
  8. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. OMG, girlie. The Rouge Day and white mini bowling are ga-ga gorgeous. You must be on [​IMG]. Nice collection you're building. I'm sure you ook fantastic wearing any of your bbags.

  10. Nanaz, beautiful bags! Such a yummy collection!:love:
  11. Your new additions are YUMMY! Congratulations...what a wonderful way to start the weekend. :smile:
  12. Beautiful family :yahoo:
  13. Nanaz...luv the red day!! Great collection!!:yahoo:
  14. congrats, the are lovely, the mini bowling.:drool: !!!
  15. ooooooooh! They're GORGEOUS!!!! We're 05 Rouge Day Twins!!! :yahoo: Isn't it the BEST RED ON THE PLANET?!!!

    That silver planet looks great with the black city.

    Congrats sweetie. :kiss: :kiss: