YAYorNAY- Uggs

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Nay. I like the regular grey.
  3. nay
  4. that print is cute but i think it's too much for uggs.
  5. Yay. I've never seen those before. I think they're cute. Plus, Uggs are soooooooooooooo darn comfy.
  6. Nay to any flat, possibly Australian, shearling boot.
  7. Nay. I don't care what color/pattern they are, I hate Uggs.
  8. yay. I love the grey and it's a fun pattern.
  9. Uggs=always a nay, even if the top was studded with diamonds.
  10. Nooo!
  11. Nay. I think those are awful!
  12. Yay for around the house only...

    Nay for outside use!
  13. Exactly with one addition -- yay for ski vacations.
  14. :tdown:
  15. Nay in that pattern but YAY for uggs!