1. So excited! that i just have to scream( well pretend to) to everyone..Just bought vanojr9's damier ludlow and at such a great price..woohooie!
  2. Congrats! Very cute piece!
  3. Congrats !
  4. Congrats! I was looking at it too but obviously can't do anything right now. Put it to good use!
  5. Alright! :biggrin:

    Enjoy the ludlow. It's a cute compact wallet!
  6. Post some pics!!
  7. Congratz. I :love: ludlows. They're prefect.
  8. :shame: im sorry jasanna..but don't worry will deffy put it too good use!

    thanks everyone for the responses :biggrin:

  9. [
    Oh no apologies necessary!!! Use it for me too! :amuse:
  10. haha i promise ;) BTW your avatar cracks me up, it reminds me of when I was 5 and my siblings and I would watch him on tv. LOL
  11. Congrats!!
  12. Good for you! Now, let's see the goods! Picture please!
  13. I'm so happy you're so excited :smile: I just mailed your wallet about 30 min ago, so it should arrive on Tuesday or so. I know you'll love it!
  14. That happens to me too whenever I see her Bob Ross avatar:P . Reminds me of when my brother and I was sit around watching PBS when he used to babysit me. After watching all those nerdy documentary shows like "Nature" and stuff, Bob Ross would come on and we'd watch him paint his happy trees:P .