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  1. :tpfrox:

    Hello ladies, I'm a newbie here. Love love this purse forum!!

    I posted earlier but something went wrong and my new thread disappeared.

    A lil bit about myself ;)

    I was never a Chanel lover but more of a B-bag lady. Last wkn for some reason, I decided to check out the Chanel boutique and ...the rest is history .............here are my first two Chanel bags :yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Congrats and welcome!
  3. congrats! gorgeous bags!
  4. :welcome2:.......and your first Chanel is Beautiful...........I'm sure, it won't be your last!
  5. Welcome SummerHill!! Congrats on your bags, they are beautiful!!!
  6. congrats!! love the classic black and ghw combo!!! your first two chanels are definitely keepers!
  7. welcome!!!

    gorgeous!! congrats!!
  8. Congrats on your purchases! Great classic choices as your 1st. You can never have too many black Chanel bags. Modeling pics are in order...
  9. :nuts:CONGRATS! Two perfect first purchases!!!! Welcome to the world of Chanel!
  10. congrats! great bags!:tup:
  11. Congrats, and welcome!!!
  12. Congrats on your purchases! I love the big CCs on the second bag. What bag is that?
  13. Welcome to Chanel! Gorgeous purchases!
  14. OHHHH Congrats!! Beautiful purchase!
  15. PERFECT FIRST CHOICES! So happy for you! :woohoo: