1. I'm new here and this is my first post. I'm so excited, I bought a burberry "speedy" bag from the Burberry store in Rome, Italy over the summer. It was either that or a Louis Vuitton, but I went with the Burberry because it seems like everyone has a Mono speedy 25 (majority in the city are fakes though...we have a lot of street vendors by the university...) from LV. I just wanted something different. Well, I just now am able to wear it today and I am thrilled to death. I finally got over the fact that it is wearable and not just a "sculpture." :yahoo: I absolutely love it! It holds everything.
  2. Hey, congrats on your bag! I have yet to buy a burberry, but I'm still unsure of what to get (and it's hard to find a legitimate, yet cost-effective source). Anyway, enjoy your bag!
  3. Please post pics! Congrats!
  4. yes! pictures! when were you in Rome? I was there in August:heart:
  5. I'M not really sure how to post pictures I will try. I was in Rome back over the summer. I went In July for 2 weeks and we had a very good time! I just took these with my camera phone sorry about the quality of the photos. My digital camera still has some pictures from Rome that I would like to print before deleting them, hence the cameraphone pics. If you would like to see some of my Rome pictures, go to...

    scroll down and the pictures will flash in a slideshow. It has some while I was in Rome!:heart:
    64b760e73b65.jpg 05087291f8eb.jpg 4365715efc7e.jpg
  6. I just commented on your bag; I really like it! Also, I love your pics, and you're very pretty.
  7. Thank you so much, you are very sweet for saying those things! I really appreciate it. :heart:
  8. hehe your bag is so cute!
    and there's nothing i like more than burberry shopping bags! i think they are the cutest thing! but i can never get my hands on one cause they have no burberry standalone stores in toronto =( so i get yucky holt renfrew magenta shopping bags

  9. I had to keep the shopping bag because now it has sentimental value because it reminds me of my first trip (and definitely not my last) to Italy and because it was my first time buying a designer bag.:love: I wish more stores gave carrier bags as I like those much better than the plain ole' plastic bags. :crybaby:
  10. Very nice bag! Congrats!
  11. Congrats.
  12. Congrats on your purchase ! :yes:
  13. Cute bag. Congrats!
  14. How cute is your bag !!:!!
    I know, I can't seem to throw away a Burberry bag either. LOVE THEM!
  15. congratulations! love it