1. Last time I called JAX about this item, I was told there was no more for order so I was :crybaby: but today I tried again and was told that there would be more for order in March. :tup::yahoo::nuts:So I went ahead and preorder it and JAX will ship it out in the beginning of March once they have it in stock! I am so excited since I've been looking for this everywhere. It will go nicely with all my brass Coach bags.

  2. how awesome! Thanks for the update!
  3. Good to know. I really want one too.
  4. Thank You...Thank You!!! I want one too!!
  5. It's time to call, call. :graucho::graucho: I was so excited that I actually forgot to write down my order # and the it was cheaper than I expected $30.00 so the total came out to be $36 and some change.
  6. Thats awesome!!! Thanks for the great news!
  7. :cutesy:
  8. Thanks for the info! I think I need to order this too!
  9. Super cute keyfob... love the strawberry!! :tup:
  10. woohoo!!! I'm so happy that you are getting one! I love mine so much and everyone at the Coach store wants it too.. they had never seen it!
  11. Yay, congrats! Very cute!
  12. LOL. You all are such enablers :p:roflmfao::yes:
  13. Is it because this charm is new for spring 2008? I thought the charm had been out for a while? BUt then again I don't ever remember seeing on Coach.com, I only got the item # because I look on the Japan site.
  14. This strawberry is also available for purchase, I think taralindsey already has it. This will be my next charm purchase, but I will wait for it to be in the boutigues.

  15. I love both strawberry keyfobs!!! I'm gonna need to start getting some of these keyfobs. I need to start "dressing up" my bags...haha.