1. I ordered a medium horsebit hobo from annsfabulousfinds! That's 2 Gucci's in less than 1 month! And a Gucci passport holder from bluefly. Omg, I need to stop buying and start saving for my unborn child!
  2. hehe, congrats!!!! on the purchases and the bundle of joy!! can't wait to see the pics
  3. Congrats!

    You should save for the bag you well-deserved after giving birth too ;)
  4. Thanks ladies! Beejerry haha you are a true enabler! P.S. I paid $650 for the horsebit hobo used. Is that a good deal (25%) or should I have gotten the medium britt tote for that price (new)?
  5. Enabler? Me? No way!

    It depends on the condition. But this one has good resell value for sure!
  6. Lol, she rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars with this description:
    There is really, really light wear on two of the corners – it was worn a couple of times.
  7. ann's is really nice to deal with. I saw the bag you bought. It's a beauty!!!

  8. nice bag.
  9. OMG!!!!! AWESOME!!! Congrats!!!
  10. Thanks ladies, can't wait to get it and I can wait to give birth also! :yahoo::yahoo:
  11. congrats!!! New baby has to have a stylish mom... so it's totally ok to splurge now!! :tup:
  12. Thanks! ITA!! There was a 20% off code I found in the Chloe section, but Ann said that Gucci was a restricted brand from the sale. :sad: Oh well, I think it's still a deal for such a classic bag.
  13. i heart heart heart the medium horsebit hobo (you are talking about the chain one right?) its the perfect size and shape. congrats!
  14. great choice sneezz!!! don't forget to post pics as soon as you can. Congratulations on your new bag and the upcoming baby!
  15. It's here! It's here! It's here! And boy is she a beauty! I can't find my camera right now, will try and post pics asap. :happydance: