1. so my friend went t port arthur for a week n well i live in a small boring town in tx n cant find one thing toki here..(i had to order my foresta on the internet) but i thought since she was going i would give her money n tell her to look for the bag i wanted.. cuz she also went to houston n they have metropark.. well she then called me n said she didnt find a bag ne where :sad: but she did buy me a present wit her money.. something toki.. n i was happy... nothing big or nething... its just a moofia!!:smile: but i love it!! cuz i want them all and she bought me my 1st one!!! its choco!! n hes soo cute..i think mostly everyone knws wat he looks like .. ill post pics later if i get them.. sorry this was soo long n kinda pointless.. haha i just wanted to share with sumone
  2. ^__^ wat a nice friend and a nice gift! congrats
  3. awesome! I got a moofia today too! but its the latte. WOOHOO
  4. That was a nice gift :smile: Congrats on your first moofia character.
  5. thanx u guyz... oo i would have loved latte!
  6. i love it so much! but i don't know what to do with it. i'm planning to make it into a key chain cuz i am not that much of a figurine collector.
  7. congrats on your first moofia!! :biggrin: That was really nice of your friend!!
  8. I've gotten into Moofia as well...it has become addictive! They are the cutest vinyl toys out right now, IMHO.
  9. what a sweet friend!