Yay yay so happy - my bf bday/valentine's gift from me!

  1. Well, I decided on what I want to get him.
    My bf has to work for his bday and v's day... So...
    Even though it's early, I got him 2 tickets to see Pacers vs. Cavaliers this friday in Indianapolis. Peja just got traded to Pacers too!! Le'bron and Peja!! AND!! our seats are 2 rows behind the Pacers players (oooh watch out for us maybe we'll get on ESPN =DD)

    And it's only 2 hours away from here, but we decided to stay in the best hotel there with a lovers package yay.

    I'm stopping by LV while I'm at it =)) Eye-ing a new wallet.. either suhali or monogram.. droool.. =))

    Thanks people for ur help =DD
  2. Wow, sounds like a nice night! I love the black suhali PT. I've been lusting over that for awhile.
  3. Have fun! That's a great gift!!!
  4. Have fun!!! Hopefully you'll walk away with an LV souvenir ;) .
  5. Great ......have fun
  6. aww sounds like it will be a marvelous night!!

    happy early vday! And I hope you come back with something LV ;P
  7. nice! Have fun :biggrin:
  8. thats so cool! have fun :smile:
  9. That sounds wonderful! Have a great time :love:
  10. Have fun! Ahhhh, the suhali material....:love:

  11. yay i can't wait to go... i'm getting ready now =))
    oh yeah.. btw.. I just got a job today.. oh how good can this day be!?!?
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